• [Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corp.]

    Implementation of LTE based PTT(Push-to-Talk) radio communication system

  • [Busan Metro line 1]

    Implementation of LTE-R based PTT(Push-to-Talk) railway radio communication system

  • [Korea Air Force]

    Implementation of radio network system for sending/receiving information, LTE-TDD based

  • [Korea Railroad Research Institute]

    Implementation of IP-PBX/PTT Server/Conference Server, Development of LTE hand-held device

  • [Korea Navy]

    Implementation of Wibro based IP-PTT(Push-to-Talk) solution

  • [Ministry of Public Administration and Security(KOREA)]

    Implementation of Server and technical verification for public safty

  • [Korea Air Force]

    Implementation of information-communicatoin system via WiBro 1.7GHz technology