IP-PTT(Push to talk)

Rather than modifying open stack, Cybertel bridge develops and owns all of Voice stack and Media stream by In-house development team in order to provide instant and flexible support for customizing requirement.

Standardization and Technology

  • 01SIP Protocol (IETF RF3261)
  • 023GPP Diameter Protocol : Release 9~12 Supported (IETF RFC3588)
  • 033GPP TS 22.468 and OMA PoC v2.0, v2.1

Handheld Terminal

Along with Push to talk solution, Cybertelbridge has developed and provided
PTT dedicated devices since 2009.
The devices are fully proven in the special-purposed customer sites such as Defense,
Railway and First responder of Public safety.
Operationing In-house hardware and OS engineering team,
Cybertelbridge is capable to provide proactive device in a timely manner.